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Mission & Philosophy

Achieving Excellence.  Serving Christ.

School Values: Faith, Respect, Responsibility and Perseverance.  


Resurrection Catholic School is an educational ministry preparing students to grow academically and spiritually through Catholic values in order to be college ready and to lead.

We are proud to be a Seton Blended Learning Partner School.  Mixing quality small group instruction and differentiated technology to meet the needs of every student. Officially starting for the 2015-2016 academic school year.

To learn more, please visit www.setonpartners.org.   


Resurrection School is an educational ministry of Resurrection Parish, and is dedicated to transmitting Catholic heritage to students and making the Gospel come alive in daily life. The school is committed to the mission of creating a climate where the students have the opportunity to grow in a Catholic faith-based environment. The school’s goal is to prepare young people to grow in truth, wisdom, and goodness to be college ready and lead. With the joint effort of the child’s family, school and parish community, it is a vision of Resurrection School to prepare the students for Church and Society beyond the 21st Century.


Resurrection School Stimulates, and challenges a self-disciplined Catholic Individual. As educators we commit to the full development of each child’s potential: We provide a nurturing environment that emphasizes spirituality, education, bodily/ kinesthetic and intrapersonal values. We accentuate cooperative learning ensuring effective education through a partnership between students and parents. Our affirmation of faith provides our students to construct a positive impact in our multicultural society. Having a Catholic faith based education promotes the formation of the whole child.

We believe that the specific function of Resurrection School is to contribute to the harmonious development of the whole student, thus we strive to prepare students both academically and spiritually. We recognize the parents are the first and foremost educators of their children thus we, as Catholic educators, strive to serve as partners of the parents facilitating the education of our students and promoting the welfare of society by preparing them to work to advance the reign of God as they become leaders in our community.

This continuous affirmation of lived faith helps individuals to become loving and responsible, with values and skills that will enable them to positively impact our vast multicultural society. As a Catholic School our students are educated to become active and conscious citizens who apply and demonstrate our four core values: Faith, Respect, Responsibility and Perseverance. 

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