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Financial Aid

It is Resurrection Catholic School policy to admit students without regard to family financial circumstances. The admission process and the financial aid process are separate processes. Families are encouraged, however, to apply for admission and financial aid through the Catholic Education Foundation at the same time to ensure that the CEF Financial Aid Committee is able to make decisions in a timely manner. It is in the best interest of our applicants to return all forms promptly as funds are released on a “first come, first serve” basis. The CEF application process usually begins in January and runs through mid-March of the current year.


Resurrection Catholic Schools expects that all families will make reasonable sacrifices to finance the education of their children. Financial aid is awarded on the basis of economic need as determined by the School. In order to be considered for tuition assistance, families are asked to provide proper financial documentation (i.e. 1040’s, income tax returns).  Upon assessment, awards are given in the form of a grant. Recipients of financial aid are expected to meet the same standards of service, school participation, and academic performance as other students.

Based on the Catholic Education Foundation application form which indicates the family’s possible financial need, Resurrection Catholic School uses the CEF, along with other required information to determine whether a family qualifies for aid, whether or not an award will be offered to a family, and the amount of such award. All decisions are subject to the availability of funds.

Resurrection School and Church Scholarship Application 

Resurrection Scholarship Application 2018


Accepted Financial Documentation

  • Recent tax returns or W2 forms
  • Formal letter of disbursement for Unemployment, Disability and/or Social Security 
  • Formal letter of disbursement for AFDC, Food Stamps and/or WIC
  • Court order of alimony and/or child support

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