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How to Apply

We ask that you carefully review the required steps listed below for application.

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Enrollment Process:

Step #1: Info Session –

Our admissions process begins with an information session.  During this session families will receive information on tuition, monetary/volunteer commitment parents must complete during the school year, the educational and faith agreement families make to the school, tour of the campus and information regarding scholarships available. (FAMILIES REQUESTING INFORMATION ABOUT SCHOLARSHIP/FINANCIAL AID MUST BRING TAX INFORMATION TO CONTINUE WITH THE APPLICATION PROCESS)

Step #2: Taxes Submitted –

Once a family submits tax information, the family will be scheduled to meet with the Principal at a later date. In that meeting, the Principal will gather information regarding the needs of the families.  The Principal will submit the gathered information and review it with the school board.  Once a decision is made regarding tution payment, the family will be informed. 

Step #3: Sign Contract and Academic Agreement

Once a family is informed and agrees with the tuition payment they must sign the contract for the tuition and the Academic Excellence agreement. 


Step #4: Registration Payment

After the contract and agreement is signed, payment toward registration must be made to allocate a spot for the student.  Registration payment can be made in full or partial down payment can be made.  Arrangement for the outstanding balance must be made with the Administrative Assistant. 

Step #5: Enrollment Packet (minimum $50 non-refundable payment required at this time)

After a payment toward registration is made, you will be given an enrollment packet.  Enrollment packet will be turned in to the main office with immunization records, birth certificate, baptismal certificate (if applicable) and a copy of most recent report card.  (Pre-K students will need an additional packet that will be given upon registration)