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Our Preschool consists of a developmentally appropriate program whose activities compliment our young children’s natural curiosity and meet the demands of their pre-reading stage. It is our philosophy that children learn through active participation with their environment and it is the responsibility of the teacher to offer varied opportunities to promote growth in all areas. It is our hope and plan that a successful year in Pre-K will help develop a positive self image and attitude toward school.

Our Catholic environment is conducive to the growth of the spiritual, cultural, social, academic, emotional, and, physical development of the child according to the example of Jesus Christ. He proclaims that all might learn from Him to live more fully. Therefore, we believe in the value and dignity of the human person, regardless of race, color, or creed. As Americans we believe in our commitment of service to God, our country, and fellow human beings.

Our religious education goals are to create a Christian Educational Community that places prime importance on the integral place of (age appropriate) instruction in religious truths and values, enlightened by faith and shared by teachers, students, and parents in a spirit of love and service. Parent communication and support are vital because parents are the primary educators of their children.

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