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Join the Sports Team at Resurrection Catholic School

Our sports program allows students to work in developing the discipline and habits that are essential to promote good sportsmanship. All athletes must conform to all eligibility rules and requirements of the school. Athletes are expected to maintain at least a 2.0 average in each subject while playing on any team. Maintenance of grades while participating on a team is important. Athletes must have exemplary behavior in order to play on a team and represent the school.

Fees and Teams

Sports Fee

There is $40.00 non-refundable sports fee per sport. This fee helps defer the costs of uniform, referee fees, tournament fees and awards. This fee should be paid to the school secretary before eligibility to play is granted to the student.

Sports include

Fall Football (Co-ed)
Winter Basketball (Girls and Boys teams)
Volleyball (Girls and Boys teams)
Soccer (Girls and Boys teams)
Softball (Girls and Boys teams)

A special thank you to our donor, St. Sebastian Sports Project, for their continued support of our sports programs since 2014. 

The Saint Sebastian Sports Project (SSSP) provides Resurrection Catholic School with resources critical to building quality team sports program. In addition, SSSP holds clinics to enhance coaching skills and hosts flag football, volleyball, basketball and soccer tournaments.  To expose students to college opportunities, SSSP has partnered with Loyola Marymount University to sponsor fun packed sports days. 


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